Hi! I'm Andrew Nater, a seasoned full-stack engineer with a passion for building friendly, reliable software.

What I've Built

macOS Tailwind

A Storybook library of native macOS components built with HTML, TailwindCSS, and Javascript

Kennel 360

I led the development of Kennel 360, a comprehensive platform for Fuzzy's veterinary doctors, nurses, and support staff.


I developed the API and website for Wellness, a mental health tracker for iOS.

What I Bring to Every Job

Robust, Testable Code

I prioritize building reliable and maintainable code that stands the test of time. Quality is at the core of everything I do.

Informative Documentation

Clear and comprehensive documentation ensures smooth onboarding and empowers your team to understand and extend the software.

Experienced Consulting

I offer valuable guidance based on years of experience leading engineers and building products at startups. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that startups in these domains face.

Faster Product Development

With my expertise and efficient development processes, we can accelerate your product development timeline, getting your solutions to market faster.