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I'm Andrew Nater 👋🏽

I build apps and websites that help people lead better lives. I use this site to explore my interest in software, health, education, and philosophy.

Writing ✍🏽

Inheritance in JavaScript

It’s difficult to know how and when to employ inheritance. As with most things, there are no clear cut answers but I hope to answer a few

Enums In JavaScript

JavaScript doesn't have enumeration types like TypeScript and Swift. Explore different ways to simulate enums using JavaScript.

Defining Quality

In my experience, great software always has these qualities: functionality, reliability, security, and usability.

The Cross Platform Myth

Cross platform software frameworks cause more problems than they solve. They enable developers to build mediocre software not meant for any platform in particular.

Is It Time to Refactor?

Is this refactor going to make life easier? How much effort will it require? Is it going to affect critical functionality?

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Website design & development, iOS App design

Foster Fairness

Website design & development


Chrome Extension design & development

Catalyst Spaces

Website design & development

Fancy Footage Club

Website design & development

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