Andrew Nater

I'm Andrew Nater 👋🏽

I've been developing web sites, apps, and other cool software for a decade. Currently, I'm a full-stack engineer at Silversheet and co-develop Wellness, a mental health app. Check out my résumé

Open Source 🛠


An experiment in a SwiftUI-style syntax for building React components.


Like React.useReducer but without the boilerplate.


Single purpose CSS classes to help you orchestrate animations. Added to Tachyons v5

Projects 💻


Wellness is an iOS app for keeping track of your mental health. I design, develop, and run Wellness with Rubén Santiago.

Fancy Footage Club

Fancy Footage Club was a web site for finding high quality videos for websites. I designed and developed the website and newsletter for Fancy Footage Club.


Wandertab is a Chrome extension that surfaces beautiful destinations with every new tab. I worked with Hitlist to design and rebuild Wandertab for v2.

Writing ✍🏽

Inheritance in JavaScript

It’s difficult to know how and when to employ inheritance. As with most things, there are no clear cut answers but I hope to answer a few

Enums In JavaScript

JavaScript doesn't have enumeration types like TypeScript and Swift. Explore different ways to simulate enums using JavaScript.

Is It Time to Refactor?

Is this refactor going to make life easier? How much effort will it require? Is it going to affect critical functionality?