Andrew Nater

I'm Andrew Nater 👋🏽

I build apps and websites that help people lead better lives. I use this site to explore my interest in software, health, education, and philosophy.

Writing ✍🏽

Giving Feedback

It can be hard to give feedback. I share some principles for doing it well.

Why I'm Learning Swift

I've been learning Swift and iOS Development to help build Wellness. We have big plans and in order to move faster we need another developer.

Customer Support Principles

You aimed to solve a problem but happened to create a new one. You make up for that with customer support.

Looking Towards 2019

Last year was a success and I'm very grateful for where my life is today. Now it's time to look forward.

Thoughts on Building Products

The foundation of a great product experience is how well it solves a user's problem. This sounds obvious but it's often lost to other concerns.

Projects 💻


Website design & development, iOS App design

Foster Fairness

Website design & development


Chrome Extension design & development

Catalyst Spaces

Website design & development

Fancy Footage Club

Website design & development

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